Somethings Wonderful This Way Came

Somethings Wonderful This Way Came
1970's Vintage Caftan in At Play

Friday, October 26, 2012

Returning to Blogging

It's been such a long time since I developed a post for the blog!  So sorry.  I fell victim to "frozen shoulder" this summer and it is only in the last few weeks that I've fully regained the use of my left arm.  Enough of that.  Just sorry if I you thought I'd disappeared.

A few months ago, Demion Clinco put together a Tucson PBS segment on Harwood Steiger.  I introduced him to Joan, the Steiger niece, and he visited her, taking away personal impressions, information and examples of Steiger's brilliant talent.  I'm hoping Demion will share with me the segment so that we can post it here.  We'll see.

There is growing interest in collecting Steiger fabrics.  Now, if you go to Ebay, you'll find that the prices have more than doubled over a few years ago.  Some sellers, I fear, don't really understand the items and place way over the top prices on them.  One of the things that got me collecting in the first place was the affordability of these practical pieces of art.  Now, I have to be very selective in purchasing, and only buy new designs of which I don't own any example.  Even then, I get kind of particular.  My husband says that I have single handedly driven up the prices.  I laugh at that, of course.  There are hundreds of folks who collect these Arizona icons and thousands more with interest.  My blogs stats tell me that we've had 3,500 visitors.  A small number by commercial standards, but impressive for a single topic blog.  Keep coming back.  I promise more great new photos.