Somethings Wonderful This Way Came

Somethings Wonderful This Way Came
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cleaning Up the Fabric Warehouse

It's been a solid 8 months of steady quilting.  This year's Summer of Sibling Quilts, produced a quilt for each of my sisters (3) and brother.  Just finished one for my niece, too---not to mention a special quilt for my dear old friend, Susan.  So, things in the fabric warehouse were a true mess.  Instead of putting fabrics away after auditioning them, I just stacked them up.  Instead of filing away patterns and books, I just tossed them in the corner.  It wasn't laziness---just eager to get to the project.  I am now faced with a major task of setting things in order.

I started with my Harwood Steiger fabrics, first.  I took each of them out of the designated Harwood Steiger cabinet and began a careful examination of their condition.  Then, I carefully refolded them and replaced them where they belong.  My husband calls this, "Petting my fabric."  He's right, you know.  I love my Steiger fabrics.  They are so very, very beautiful.  After all this time, it still amazes me to see the vibrancy of the colors.  Sixty years later, the inks look as though they were just applied yesterday.  Since Steiger mixed his own colors, they are unusual for the period.  The base fabrics were good quality, so they are still fresh.  The designs are so different and varied.  I am often asked which is my favorite.  It's like asking a mother, who is your favorite child.  I have no favorite.  They are all precious to me. 

I think that 2014, will be the year in which I finally make my Harwood Steiger quilt.  I plan to use Arizona Sketchbook for this effort.  It kind of cries out asking to be made into a quilt.  The little "sketches" depict Arizona lives, monuments and activities.  I just have to figure out how to best use them without getting lost in the quilt design.  A challenge to be sure.

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  1. I think this one would be best in the window block so you won't lose any of the sketches.